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Madeira Trail Tours

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Time to meet up with one of my new Partners.

Dinarte Jesus will be happy to welcome you on one of his Trail Running Tours in Madeira.

Madeira Trail Tours is a company offering trail running tours through some of the most beautiful places in Madeira Island.

We have 21 tours designed for any kind of runner, no matter what level they are at. We can also offer full customisable tours for our guests needs.

We also have many other partners specialised in other outdoor activities so that our guests have a perfect outdoor experience while in Madeira.

If the goal is to have a more intense training and visit as much as you can while in Madeira, we can organise a Trail Camp with everything included from the moment you arrive Madeira.

Madeira Trail Tours offer my readers a 20% discount on Tours only. there are 21 tours so you are spoilt for choice. If you love running then you will enjoy this great saving, and see the beauty of Madeira.

Please follow them on social media, links on their home page.


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