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Italian Festival is Coming.

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Funchal hosts the Italian Festival from 11 to 13 May. The main purpose of the event is the promotion of transalpine gastronomy and culture, namely the art of pizzaiolo, the true professionals in pizza making.

This festival will also elect the best Madeiran pizzaiolo, which will later integrate the Portuguese Pizzaiolos Selection, which will represent Portugal at the World Championship in Naples in June.

Madeira’s pizza inscribed in this competition will be put to the test before a jury composed of renowned chefs who will choose the winner based on the principles of creativity, flavour and rigor in the execution of a centennial recipe.

Throughout the three days of this event, the public can enjoy pizzas that will always be coming out of the wood oven set outdoors; participate in pizza and fresh pasta workshops for children and families; watching pianist acrobatics concerts and concerts with Italian musicians, as well as participating in a supportive lunch.

The amount calculated with the entries in the Madeira Pizzaiolo Regional Trophy will be delivered to a social solidarity institution.


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