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Classic Cars to Liven up Funchal

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About 700 vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and bicycles, will be on display this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at Praça do Povo, in Funchal, in what will be the 7th edition of the ‘Madeira Classic Car Revival’.

The number of vehicles allows Mendes de Almeida, of the organization, to affirm that this “is the biggest event” of the genre at national level. But that’s not all. Mendes de Almeida praises the quality of the vehicles for the “love” with which they are restored and maintained by their owners.

“They are beautiful and valuable cars anywhere in the world,” he said.

Referring to the ferry, Mendes de Almeida said that it would be interesting, in the future, a coincidence of dates between the period of operation of the boat and this event, because it would be a way to attract more participants from outside.

According to him, the cost of transporting a car that is currently “2,500 euros” with the ferry would be “in a hundred euros.”

Paula Cabaço, Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, testifies to the positive balance of the event and the contribution it has made to Madeira’s projection abroad. The governor even thinks that it is an initiative that meets the profile of the visitors of the Region.

Paula Cabaço said that “it is soon” the launching of the contract for the construction of the Museum of Classic Cars, next to the Port of Funchal, in an area of ​​3,000 square meters.

The program includes the ‘Rampa dos Barreiros’, in honour of the old test of sports cars held in 1935.

According to Gonçalo Pereira, of the Automobile Club of Classic Cars of Madeira, the starting point will be this year with the Legislative Assembly of Madeira (ALM) and the departure of the vehicles will occur every 30 seconds, in order to avoid “dead times”.

More than a hundred cars will line up in the match, the oldest a Ford T, 1926, and the latest a Citroen 2CV.

In order to innovate and create an environment of greater glamor and general public participation, the organisation challenges the population to join the event by using a piece of clothing or accessory that, in harmony with the cars, provides a trip to the past. “Dressing for the Season” is the challenge. By registration, the best ‘costumes’ will be awarded.

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