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Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira

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The 5th edition of Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira (USM) 2018, one of the five races in the Ultra distance that make up the world Skyrunning circuit, will be held next week in Santana.

About 1100 athletes, including 260 foreigners, are enrolled in the set of four events that make up the event.

The organization predicts the best ever edition in an event packed with international stars.

Approximately 1100 athletes from 35 nationalities will race in the Santana Mountains on June 1st and 2nd, within the scope of the 5th edition of UltraMarathon® Madeira (USM) 2018.

In addition to the Skyrunner® World Series of the International Skyrunning Federation, the USM – race with 55.6km and 4.121m positive gradient – is also part of the Skyrunner® National Series Spain, Andorra & Portugal calendar for the 4th consecutive year, being the only representative of Portugal.

The event is comprised of 4 events from different distances: the Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira (USM); Santana Vertical Kilometre® (SVK, with 4.8 km and 1.003 D +); Santana Sky Race (SSR, with 23 km and 1,672m D +); and Mini Sky Race (MSR, with 13 km and 655m D +).

The USM 55km, the event’s premier event and which is part of the world circuit of the sport, has around 300 registered athletes, of whom 70% represent foreign athletes.

These figures translate to an increase of about 80% compared to the 2017 edition.

The Santana Sky Race has about 280 participants and the Quinta do Ferão Mini Sky Race with almost 400 participants.

Finally, in the Santana Vertical Kilometre, proof that also integrates the world circuit of the modality was registered about 100 athletes.

The organization believes that it is facing the best edition ever in total number of entries, as well as the level of elite athletes.

Among several elite athletes already confirmed at USM, note for the presence of one of the great names of the sport, current champion of the World Cup Skyruning Classic, Italian Marco de Gasperi as well as the current world champion skyrunning and trail running a Dutch Ragna Debats.

Even in international highlights also highlight to the presence of Emelie Forsberg, André Jonsson (Sweden), Anna Frost (New Zealand), Mira Rai (Nepal), Pau Capell, Núria Picas, Gemma Arenas (Spain), Dmitrii Mityaev and Ekaterina Mityaeva

( Russia), Franco Collé, Daniel Jung, Fulvio Dapi and Martina Valmassoi (Italy), Jonathan Albon (UK), Hillary Gerardi, Brittany Peterson, Anna Mae Flynn, and Cody Lind (USA), among many other strong names.

Among the Portuguese athletes, the highlight will naturally be Luis Fernandes, Ricardo Gouveia, Tiago Aires and Armando Teixeira, who will certainly be in the front seats.

The event counts again with the support of Santana City Hall and Hotel Quinta do Furão and for the first time with BERG Outdoor as a technical partner.

The event also counts with the support of Turismo da Madeira under the MOT brand, also contributing to an effective tourist promotion of Madeira, mainly as an active tourism destination

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